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For three decades I've been a gypsy knife-for-hire in the super-heated world of professional cooking. Now I've written a memoir about my unique journey and it's a trip I'd love you to take. Come and see the remote resorts and feral jungles of tropical North Australia. Check into a neurotic grand hotel in Switzerland and enter the corporate skyscrapers of London and Melbourne. Party all week long at giant outdoor music festivals and slip backstage with the superstar TV chefs. And with many other stops along the way.


200 Kitchens is not just packed with food and cooking - it's also about amazing places and bizarre situations. I also want to give you a taste of the dangerous physicality and mental pressure that cooking professionals must cope with. My story is down-to-earth, full of love and good humour, and told with a deep respect for the joy  that the world's oldest pleasure can bring.



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This blog features all new material not in the book - more true tales of the kitchen and posts where I put one particular thing on the chopping board and slice it wide open for your edification and entertainment. So turn up anytime you like to see what's new on the menu and sample some of my thought-provoking, laughter making and mouth-watering stories.

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December 11, 2019


November 14, 2019

Mercenary Story

October 17, 2019

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August 25, 2018

     Spending twelve hour plus days in a noisy, heated, small stainless steel and tiled room sounds like a torture technique designed to break the toughest soul. Add to this the repetition of the same faces and tasks, day after day, and you've got the special...

August 9, 2018

     Snails, or in Gallic lingo - escargots, were an exotic, but not uncommon dish on 70s and 80s menus. These gastropods shone in the gastronomic spotlight – as a classic entree in any French restaurant worth its rock salt, or were proudly featured in fine d...

July 31, 2018


     To be suddenly confronted by a roaring demon of heat and flames in the work place is an unwelcome jolt. Radiant heat and weird shadows fill the air. The enclosed space you know so well feels like a death trap. Time stands still and you marvel at how...

July 29, 2018

     Apprentices are generally young, hung-over and over-sexed. I should know. So over the years, working with these budding chefs of tomorrow, I was never one for calling the kettle black. Their lack of sleep and battering of livers and genitalia was not for...

July 16, 2018

     The new chef created a stir. A pony-tailed young spunk in a leather motorcycle jacket, wide-shouldered and long legged, with eyes like chips of blue ice. He raised a nonchalant eyebrow in greeting and the kitchen froze, absolutely spellbound. With the ex...

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